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Curtis, Cicely Principal
Ashmon Lewis, Valerie Assistant Principal
Smith, Kesia Guidance & Counseling
Sturdivant, Nadine Bookkeeper/Secretary
Webmaster, School of Discovery Technology

Bearden, James Science
Boykin, Crystal Career Tech
Bryan, Christine Choral Director
Childers, Franthia Math 180 Lab
Cleveland, Alisha Mathematics
Dozier, Cathryn Librarian
Dozier-Stallworth, Ira Mathematics
Hanna, Crystal Band Instructor
Lucy, Jacqueline English and History
Martin, Nicole In-School Suspension
Martin, Wanda Special Education
Nichols, Rebecca Read 180 Lab
Patterson, Dexter Special Education
Perkins, Cynthia Parental Involvement
Polnitz, Michael Physical Education and Health
Polnitz, Quenisha Mathematics
Rainey, Michael Science
Robinson, Barbara Mathematics
Robinson, Barbara Math 180 Lab
Sexton, Lisa Dance Instructor
Stallworth, Ira Math
Stough, Demisha Gifted Teacher
Toney, Chandra English and History
Turner, Katasha Physical Education and Health

Burnett, Cynthia Cafeteria Manager
Del'Angel, Susie Nurse
Hunter, John Custodian
Murry, Lucille Cafeteria
Wilmer, Lawrence Cafeteria

Nichols, Becky Language Arts & Reading
Robinson, Barbara Mathematics