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Principal's Corner

Mrs. Felicia Tinker


Welcome to School of Discovery. I am very proud to help serve the students and the community as School of Discovery's Principal. 

I believe that all of our students should receive a high quality education. At School of Discovery, our team will work to provide a high quality education through effective instruction, rigorous lessons and effective and productive planning to meet the needs of all of our scholars. 

We also have high expectations for all of our scholars. That is why we are screaming #Eaglesflyhigh. This will be our hashtag on our social media platforms. 


Parents in the community, I am very interested in having you on board with us our school PTA. Feel free to contact us for information if you are interested. 


Thank you


Eagles, Fly High! 





Principal's Corner

A Message from the Principal

School of Discovery Genesis Center


School of Discovery is a sixth-grade school in the Selma City School district. This school has the distinction of being one of three sixth grade campuses in the state of Alabama. School of Discovery has a strong tradition in the city of Selma of being a school that focuses on the education of the whole child in the areas of art and academics. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that School of Discovery continues the path of academic growth with the support of our teachers and stakeholders. My goal as the new principal at School of Discovery, is to build upon the groundwork that was established during my tenure as interim Principal. This past year at School of Discovery, we have successfully built a rapport with our community stakeholders, parents and saw academic growth in our scholars from the beginning of the year to present. Although this year has been unprecedented due to a global pandemic, School of Discovery’s scholars has showed continued growth with the dedication and hard work of our teachers and staff. This school has also excelled with delivering instruction to our scholars virtually. Although this school has celebrated great achievements this past year, I anticipate the following school year will be much more successful with the removal of some barriers that we have experienced. My goal as the principal for School of Discovery is to create an environment that encourages academic excellence, education in the arts and positive behavior amongst the student body. With the support of the community, faculty and staff, central office staff and our students, School of Discovery will continue to uphold its historical legacy in the city of Selma.